Professional reputation management

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Why might your business be losing customers?

  • Substantial negativity

    On the internet from dishonest competitors or ransomware resources that tarnish your brand's reputation.

  • Lack of information

    About your online brand that undermines potential clients' trust in the company.

  • Toxic reviews

    From dissatisfied customers that damage the company's positive image.

We offer an effective solution in the fight against negativity and its consequences

  • Search
  • Engine
  • Reputation
  • Management

SERM is a technology for creating a positive company image and managing reputation in search engines

The method involves using publications in various media sources, working with negativity, reviews and tracking opinions

Leadbolid SERM is:

  • 430 000$

    invested in brand promotion in 2022

  • 120+

    customers have improved their reputation with us

  • 26

    active projects in 2022

  • 7

    months - average duration of brand maintenance

  • 12

    experienced team members

  • 5

    ready-made packages for solving any problems

Over the past 5 years, we have been promoting such projects:

  • Forex and crypto brokers
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Investment platforms
  • Personal brands
  • Crypto wallets
  • Trading schools


  • А-95 We were contacted by a broker who already had negative information on the Internet with the following problem:
    Clients are dropping at the funding stage because there is a lot of negativity online.
    For this reason, office conversion fell from 4% to 3% (-1%); in monetary terms, the drawdown was $50,000.
    A-95 package was selected.
    After 2 months of work, we took TOP 6 positions in Yandex and Google search results for the main keys of this broker.
    This led to an increase in office conversion to 4.5%, which in monetary terms was +$73,000

  • А-92 plus We were approached by a client who had launched a new broker, about which there were no reviews on the Internet.
    Problem - leads do not find information about the broker, so they do not trust and drop at the funding stage.
    А-92 plus package was selected.
    After 1 month of work, we were able to fill Yandex and Google search results with articles and social media networks with good reviews.
    Conversion increased by +1%, which in monetary terms is +$40,000

  • Domain name with SERM We were contacted by a client who needed a brand with a history and a domain purchased 6 months ago to increase leads trust.
    To solve such problems, we create broker brands, buy domains for them, post articles and reviews, and then we let them be for a while.
    The client received a brand with a history, so leads trusted it more and due to this, conversion increased.
    Starting with a ready-made broker brought in more profit by $25,000 than with a new brand

SERM with Leadbolid is:

Дорога с контрольными точками по которой едет машина
  1. Positive background information

    Current and potential customers will find good information about your brand on the Internet

  2. Neutralization of negativity on the Internet

    Shifting negative articles down the search results by intelligently lowering their credibility in the search engine

  3. Trust of the target audience

    Positive brand information increases potential customer loyalty

  4. Intensification of sales

    It’s easier for a lead to fund an account with a broker with a good reputation on the Internet

  5. Deindexing negative posts

    A good brand image allows you to increase the client’s check at the Retention stage

  6. Strong growth of targeted traffic

    Maintaining social networks and publishing on sites with a large audience allows you to get an additional source of traffic

Our rates


Top 10 positions Project team (persons) SEO articles Social media (posts) Corporate blogs Reviews Comprehensive analysis Promoting articles on Yandex Promoting articles on Google Content design Google, Yandex suggestions Contextual article advertising Publication in authoritative media YouTube vlog Speed of achieving results


2 - 3 2 5 15 1 50 1 4/10


3 - 4 3 7 20 2 70 3 5 5/10



4 - 5 4 10 25 2 100 5 7 7/10


6 - 7+ 5 13 35 3 150 6 9 9/10


7 - 8+ 6 17 45 4 200 8 12 10/10

*1 dollar invested in building a positive reputation brings up to 50 dollars in profit. Start from $970

Ready solution!

Buy a Broker with a good reputation!
We have already come up with a broker name, purchased a domain for it and created a SERM. Now you can get a brand that potential customers will trust without waiting or preparation.

Красный ключ от спортивного автомобиля Ferrari

Become a partner

Bring customers

Receive payments

Bonus and discount system

Do you have several projects and each one requires a good reputation? Get a discount when purchasing two or more packages. The more brands the greater the discount!

If there is only one brand but you want to ensure a good reputation for a long period, we will provide a discount when paying for three months or more!

Шестеренка с иконками процентов, обозначающих скидку

What else can we do?

Hot leads

Get the financial markets high-quality leads

  • Hot leads from Google, Facebook, Yandex, etc.
  • Individual volumes
  • Payment by CPL/CPA
  • Integration with your CRM or Google Sheet
  • Instant lead transfer

Applicants' applications

Get interested applicants for your vacancies

  • Applicants with and without experience
  • Possibility of conducting an interview quickly
  • Unique contacts that your competitors don’t have
  • Simple applicant transfer mechanism
  • Favorable prices

Need help?

Leave a link to your brand and we will analyze the current situation and select the most optimal and effective package for you

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